The Muse

An International Journal of Poetry
ISSN 2249 2178

Submission deadlines

For June issue- May 10

For December issue- November 10

(we accept submissions from July 1 to November 10 for December issue and from January 1 to May 10 for June issue)

Submission guidelines

1. Work submitted for publication must be original, previously unpublished.

2. Send 1 to 5 poems and a brief biodata. A cover letter would be nice. 

3. The research papers/essays should be not less than 3000 words. References should be prepared strictly following MLA Stylesheet (7th edition).

4. E-mail your poems, essays and research papers to . Response time varies from 2 to 12 weeks. 

5. With poem/ research paper the poet/author is requested to submit a statement of originality of work.

6.The Muse acquires first-time electronic publication rights. We also reserve the right to republish it in a future electronic and/or print anthology.  As appropriate, we may also choose to nominate your work for
awards or recognition. Rights return to the author after publication: authors retain their copyright, however, so after their contribution has appeared in The Muse, they may republish their text in any manner they wish—electronic or print—as long as they clearly acknowledge The Muse as its original place of publication.