The Muse

(An International Journal of Poetry)

Volume-1                                              december-2011                                                    Number-2






                                by Rebekha Carlsen

I am responsible for countless atrocities

I am a devil;

Before the seat of Gods

I have fallen

I have forsaken

Listen, hear the trumpet of hell


Heaven’s Archers –

Vengeance rings in their eyes

Death pumps

Limp, lifeless inside my palm.

I am thick in mesmerization

Sticking tight my colour is pale

Watch, they singe my flesh a-fire

These angels with death chants whisper

Taking aim, my spine is severed

I am forsaken

I am purgatory-mistress

Caped in dowry lineage

My sight is marred: the

Darkness shadows, overtaking

The colour of blood

Some idea that history is not blind.