The Muse

(An International Journal of Poetry)

Volume-1                                              december-2011                                                    Number-2






                            by Al Beck


For elderly moments

of philosophic spinning;

to maintain a mindset

constantly grinning,

walk out of the game while

you feel like you’re winning.


== == == == == ==



                            by Al Beck


Political girdles

should rise above life’s hurdles:

conserved and deserved.


Compromise that’s shown

may be tasteful but wasteful

when such bones are thrown.


Certain methods used

might make disagreements fused

while leaving us bruised.


Dysfunction’ll get

an extortion’s abortion

which puts us in debt.


Dealing with feeling

of phony acrimony’s

an ad hoc healing.


Let’s work out a plan

that won’t make us grumble or

fumble in the pan.


== == == == == ==


Life’s Canticle Connection

                                              by Al Beck


It may not seem painlessly truthful;

still, one doesn’t feign becoming alert

to maintain tasty ideas youthful

which, for an elder brain, is genuine dessert.


Investing in psychic reality

cannot involved passion’s atrocity;

nor address the body’s frugality

but choose to ingest generosity.


It’s time we understood how to rejoice.

And dealing with nature’s infinity,

we’ll at last revive our flavorful voice

in glory’s story of Divinity.


__== == == == == ==