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The Muse-an International Journal of Poetry

June 2017 Issue


Editorial note

Poetry                                                                                                              Page no.

Ada Aharoni                             Not in Your War Anymore                                1
Adolf Shvedchikov                  My Redemption is Reliable                              2
Aine Collins                             Walking Masterpieces                                      3
Aine McAllister                       A Tree on El Camino del Norte                        4       
Alicia Valasse                         Intimacy with Death                                           5
Amir Sarem                            Silence                                                                6
Ana Paula Arendt                   Endless                                                              7
Andrew Scott                          Searching                                                          8
Andy Botterill                           Now Departed                                                9-10
Bailey Ward                            Trees                                                               11-12
Bill D. Johnston                       Best Friend                                                     13
Boris Kokotov                        You shall not                                                  14-15
Bruce McRae                         Looking Up                                                      16
Byron Beynon                        Girl Reading                                                     17
Cade Williams                       Sunday Night Blues                                         18
Carl Boon                              A Turkish Village at Night                              19-20
Catherine Moscatt                Winter of My Heart                                            21
Chung Chin-Yi                       Bus stop                                                             22
Claire T. Feild                       Deception                                                           23
Colin Honnor                        The Voice                                                            24
Dalal SARNOU                    This Besieged Heart                                         25
Daniel James Sundahl        From the Book of Images: I                              26
Daniel Williams                    Gingerbread Man                                              27
David Appelbaum               The Oak Gall                                                      28
David Garrett Izzo                Meditation on the Moon                                  29-30
David Grother II                    You Are the Morning                                          31
Dianalee Velie                     Harvest                                                             32-33
DJ Tyrer                               A Mother's Pain                                                  34
Dorian Dyler                        At School They Don't Know                               35
Doug Bolling                        How Time                                                            36
Eduard Schmidt-Zorner     Bergen Belsen                                                    37
Eliza Segiet                         The Mark of Love                                               38
Fred Chandler                      Without Time                                                      39
G David Schwartz I              Inhale A Memory                                                40
George K. Karos                 Circular Definition                                              41
Germain Droogenbroodt     Eagle                                                                 42
Gillian Renee                        Colón Iktsuarpok                                               43
Gregg Dotoli                         Free-fall Love                                                    44
Holly Day                              The Sound of Speed                                         45
Howard Winn                       What the Trees Say                                           46
Irene Kaesermann              Silence and Sound                                            47
James Mc Elroy                  You                                                                    48-49
Jane Beal                            Uplifted                                                                50
John Vieira                         This Morning and Night                                      51
Joseph Dorazio                  A Mind of Winter                                                52
Kate Marshall Flaherty       Northern Sky                                                       53
Katharyn Howd Machan     End-of-Day                                                         54
Kelly Cherry                         The Right to Choose                                         55
Kelven Ka-shing LIT            I miss the old old lantern                                56-57
Ken Allan Dronsfield           Separated by a Whisper                                  58
L Anne Molin                        Mayfly                                                              59-60
Lara Ayvazyan                     Music Without Fuss                                           61
Laura J. Minning                  i n t r o s p e c t i o n                                        62-63
Laurie Kolp                          The Figure Eight                                                 64
Laurinda Lind                      Sixty Summers                                                    65
Linda M. Crate                     fogs & mists                                                       66
Linda M. Fischer                  Soft                                                                     67
Marian Dragomir                  Love                                                                   68
Marianne Lyon                      Sleepless                                                      69-70
Marianne Szlyk                   Saturday Night on the Island                            71
Marieta Maglas                  The Seasons of the Sun                                72-73
Mario Solís                          The Future is Today                                          74
Marion Palm                       Mother's Birds                                               75-76
Mary Bone                          The Moon                                                          77
Menduh Leka                     YouMe                                                            78-79
Michael H. Brownstein       Ego and Water                                                 80
Michael J. Shepley            Unfathomable Shores                                   81-82
Michael Lee Johnson        Mount Pleasant Cemetery                               83
Miriam Ballerini                 Cardboard Stars                                               84
Misako Takahashi             Moth                                                                85-86
Nicole Yurcaba                  Mailing the Letter                                               87
Pavol Janik                        Night Bus                                                            88
Peycho Kanev                   Winter                                                                 89
Robert Allen Goodric        A New Story                                                      90
Robert Beveridge             Solitary                                                               91
Sabahudin Hadzialic        Strange Dream                                                 92
Sam Eisenstein                Old Wound                                                       93-94
Sandra Kolankiewicz       Mother's Day                                                      95
Sarah Brown Weitzman   Apple Tree in November                                  96
Sergio Ortiz                       Cartography of Dreams                                  97-98                          Simon Perchik                  This tattoo once...                                              99
Stella Vinitchi Radukescu only words                                                        100
Stephanie Muir                  Gingerbread Man                                            101
Stephen Miles                    Lucky                                                             102-103
Stephen Philip Druce        The Gardener and the Rose                          104
Susandale                           Home, Always Home                                     105
Tatjana Debeljacki              Mother                                                             106
Teresinka Pereira               Earth Day 2017                                              107
William Doreski                  Farm Talk                                                    108-110

Research Article / Essay

Li Jian A Review of Pleasure Steamers by Andrew Motion               111-116

Contributors' List                                                                                      117-134

The Muse-an International Journal of Poetry

June 2014 Issue

The Muse-an International Journal of Poetry

June 2013 Issue


A. D. Winans 

Alan Britt

 Allison Grayhurst

 Anca Vlasopolos

 Cameron Conaway

Caroline Hedin

 Dalal Sarnou

David Izzo

 Dawnell Harrison

 Gary Pacernick

 Jason Constantine Ford

 Jennifer C. Wolfe

 Michael Brownstein

 Michael D. Sollars

 Miriam Sagan

 Nathaniel S. Rounds

 Ottilie Mulzet

 Phillip A. Ellis

Richard Fein

 Richard Luftig

 Richard Walker

 Steve Klepetar

 Tim Suermondt



 My Poems: I just jotted down what Nature dictates to me By Kim Yong-taek(This essay was the basis of Poet Kim’s speech at the Korean Cultural Center in Washington, D.C. in the evening of July 7, 2012. Translated by Dr. Yearn Hong Choi from Korean to English)


An E-Interview with Paul Hetherington about his poetry and his new poetry collection, Six Different Windows (Paul Hetherington is Associate Professor of Writing and Head of Discipline of Journalism and Creative Writing at the University of Canberra, Australia. He is also Head of the International Poetry Studies Institute.)

An E-Interview with Rose Lucas about her poetry and her new poetry collection, Even in the Dark (Rose Lucas is a poet, critic and freelance academic from Melbourne, Australia. She taught in the English Department at Monash University from 1988-2009, and currently teaches poetry at Victoria University, Melbourne.)


Book Reviews

Book review of Paul Hetherington's SIX DIFFERENT WINDOWS by Pradeep Chaswal

 Book review of Rose Lucas' EVEN IN THE DARK by Pradeep Chaswal


Contributors list


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The Muse-an International Journal of Poetry

June 2012 Issue



Jim Daniels

David Garrett Izzo

Louie Crew

Martha Modena Vertreace-Doody

Elizabeth Johnston

Richard Luftig

 Salma Ruth Bratt

 Adam Bogar

Afzal Moolla

 Andrew Scott

 Askold Skalsky

Betsy Esther Tan

 Boghos L. Artinian

Chung Chin-Yi

  Ellen Pickus

 Fahmeena Aslam

 Holly Day

 Jennifer C. Wolfe

 L.J. Leamen

Marge Piercy

Milton P. Ehrlich

Nathaniel S. Rounds

Victor Pearn

Yearn Hong Choi


 Research Papers

H. P. Lovecraft: a Transient Speck in Wide Infinity by Phillip A. Ellis


 A poetry larger than the devil by Felix Nicolau, ( Ph. D., “Hyperion” University, Bucharest)

 Book Review

 Book review of Al Beck’s A Bee bite By Pradeep Chaswal

An E-Interview with Jim Daniels (Prof. Jim Daniels is a world renowned poet and writer. He is Thomas Stockham Baker Professor of English at Carneige Mellon University)


Contributors List



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