The Muse

An International Journal of Poetry
ISSN 2249 2178


1. What type of poems you look for?

- We welcome all types: blank verse, free verse, lyrical poems, experimental poems, haiku, tanka and so on.

2. What is the criteria for selection of poems?

- The only criteria is quality. A good poem speaks for itself, it has its own appeal and aura.

3. In how much time I can expect a response?

- The time varies from 2 to 12 weeks.

4. Is there any membership fee?

- No, membership is absolutely free.

5. Do you make payment for publishing works?

- No, we do not make payment for publishing poems or papers. The Muse is a not for profit Journal. It is purely academic in nature. We neither take donations nor pay for publishing works.

6. Why do you ask for a short bio-data along with work?

- If a work gets selected the short bio-data  will be published with the work.

7. What to write in the short bio-data? Any specific length?

- We don't think that there should be guidelines for it. There are a few tips- write about yourself in short-name,qualification,location, present occupation etc.. You may include your academic/literary or research achievements as well. It should be not more than 150 words.

8. Can I send a book for review?

- Yes, You can send us your latest book for review. The reviews will be published in the next issue of Journal. Please  contact the Editor at before submitting.