The Muse

(An International Journal of Poetry)

ISSN 2249 –2178


Volume-3                                                      DECEMBER -2013                                           Number-2



by ava bird


I have known some strange beings,

seen some weird distant objects,

heard some good sounds of OM

& gongs

and songs of love

And devotion


i’ve heard

sounds of happiness

and loss

and sounds of vibrations

 conversations with loved ones

& all my relations

We are connected

through the trees and oceans

we are together here right now

Thank you

for sharing your space

Thank you for seeing it my way

And all ways

And sharing the highways and trailheads

Freeways to beaches

Its fun to be on the same path,

fun to share the wisdoms,

the words of sages

should be checked

with facts and references

dates with friends are fun


windows down,

smoke and fire


wind moving

 freeway tunes

rear views mark past views

mirrors wiped clean

and beautiful sites ahead….



sweet let go

by ava bird


sweet sunshine

blissful prayer time

earthy buzz

girl tunes in

third eye throbbing


messages from the divine

the other sides!

download, upload

take it all in

spread it all out

send it all back

receive it once again

let it all go.