The Muse

(An International Journal of Poetry)

ISSN 2249 Ė2178


Volume-3                                                      DECEMBER -2013                                           Number-2



I Came Like I Promised

(after the painting by Yves Tanguy)

 by Neil Ellman


Promises kept

I came as I said

It was prophesied

in tea

and Ouija boards




an avatar

I came

on phoenix wings



from ashes

the prodigal son

of the universe

I came home


not as expected

but In the form Iím in

a soldier

wounded by time

and home from war. 




Blue Pyramid

(after the painting by Jack Bush)

by Neil Ellman 


Where the Nile turns blue

when blue is the color of sand


when if ever

gold from blue

and aqua-colored dynasties


forever and neveró

blue scarabs

blue amulets

granite-blue obelisks


the pharaohs

paint hieroglyphs

on stone

 when a pyramid speaks

blue gathers and prays

to the blue of time.