The Muse

(An International Journal of Poetry)

ISSN 2249 –2178


Volume-3                                                      DECEMBER -2013                                           Number-2


Her Love is Like a River

 by Gideon Cecil


Her love is like a boisterous river

running into the sea,

my heart is broken when she

is gone from me.

She lives in my heart as my fictive memory,

she inspires my soul to write her story.

Love is like a flower smiling at dawn,

her dying love for me is now my scorn.

The wind is coming with the rains

my love for her is rising again.

I rise like the moon over the sea,

the sea is singing her love is gone from me.

Her love is like the river laughing in the night,

She is now a dying dream vanishing from my sight.

Her heart is beating like a clock on the wall,

I think of her love, I stumble and fall.

She cries like the river in the placid night,

She comes back to me for my heart to delight.



Poetic Justice

by Gideon Cecil


Write your poems on the pages of your dreams,

dreams are made by your muses on mount Olympia

poets are not made but born like a lonely wave of

the groovy sea.

Poems are pictures of your dreams written on the

leaves of your soul,

read my poetry to forget your blackberry phone

plant my words in the river of your mind;

invade me like a bee kissing a succulent flower.


Let my poetry be like your lover you chat with on face book

give me justice when you read my poetry on twitter

explore my philosophy like an Homeric Ode.

Let the wind of heaven shake the leaves of your tree.


Let the blood of my poetry run through the veins

of the laughing brook,

see your face in the picture of my words

let my poetry be like the gorgeous rainbow

smiling in the dreams of your immortal soul.