The Muse

(An International Journal of Poetry)

ISSN 2249 –2178


Volume-2                                                  december -2012                                                Number-2



Earthly Kin

by Long T. Bui


They Never Bow to the Sun

Even as it Sears Their Faces,

Slicing Canyons into their Necks

Melting their Pride into Ether

Encrusted Hands Remain Fisted

Like Rocks aimed at the Heavens,

Projecting A Mind Gone Rogue,

An Empty Belly Insolent to Power

Set in Tempestuous amusement…

For these Thick-Hided Peoples,

It Remains Unshakable the Belief

Nothing Can Nourish This Place

The Soiled Land of the Forgotten

Swelling with Adobe Peoples--

Starved of Freedom

Raped by Struggle

Molested with Infamy

Hope Still Sleeps in these Parts,

Lesioned by a History of Blood

In Their Mind's Eye, a Future Exists

Seeded with the Fecund Wish

To Save the World from Itself.

When the Hands of Muscled Authority

Puts a Strangle on the Oppressed

Who Can Find Hope in Uprooted Lives?

It Belongs to Those Who Write

Their Names in the Dirt.