The Muse

(An International Journal of Poetry)

ISSN 2249 2178


Volume-2                                                  december -2012                                                Number-2


Natural Confrontations

by Changming Yuan

1/ Leaf


Like a wounded soldier

Firmly holding his position

You are the only one

Still hanging on there

To blockade the invasion

Of a whole cold season


2/ Crow


A baby raven

Popping up from nowhere

Tries to

Establish itself: 
one dark truth
On the skeletal tree top
Yawing fiercely
Towards the sky, the wind, the buildings
The fields and the entire afternoon
All so fluffily white
In jade-toned snow


3/ Cloud


With a body so light

Soft, short, never

Even having a fixed shape

You resist the strongest sun

Of the entire universe

Trying to shield all its rays

Like arrows shot down

Towards the earth