The Muse

(An International Journal of Poetry)

Volume-1                                          June-2011                                                        Number-1


Stones from Heaven

             --for the children of Haiti                 by Paul Lobo Portugés


            "What crime what sin had those young hearts conceived

             That lie bleeding torn on a mother’s breast...

             The human race demands a word from God." --Voltaire, " Poem on the Lisbon Earthquake"  (1775)


the flesh of the city blends its blood with the dust of earth's grave

the devil quake broke the bones of their beds with its terrorist bomb

they could see the day light of death in the beaten air

feel it in their prayerful souls as the some time glad day sun fell

into forever's darkness and all the all reeked with the ashes of fear

where is the loving God of married hallelujahs?


all the poor man's houses falling falling "amid the deepening gloom"

into a tomb for sons of promise and green daughters

their pleasure and pain drowned in a ghost of tears

lost like raindrops on the grey face of the bottomless ocean

vanished like the passing shadows of stories in the imagination of  clouds

why oh darkened God of stones God of the Word God of Heaven?


in the once bright light of a schoolyard's promise silence now bleeds

where young eyes yesterday shouted from their books a belief in tomorrows

now the living dead carry their bodies with loving worms

on the gallows of their bent backs wander the veins of the beaten streets

chanting horror's verbs black angels mourning the flesh of graves

where is the open hands of God the prodigal Father?


they lie down forever in the weather of their sorrow with the innocent dead

weep for the seed of their breathless children in the blood lit city of gospel’s sorrow

no glad to be home families no wined friends with hope's holiday songs

no loving child's prayers or whispered shut eye no sweet good nights

no these good soldiers of Jesus' hosannas are the inspired blind no more

to the womb of endless night no to the forsaken God of their brambled loins