The Muse

(An International Journal of Poetry)

ISSN 2249 –2178


Volume-2                                                       JUNE -2012                                                    Number-1





by Fahmeena Aslam

                                                                             They push me towards

                                                                                         The periphery of life  
                                                                                                  Till I fall off the rim; 
                                                                                               In a vague space 
                                                                      I hang like a withering leaf 
                                                              Hands can Hardly Hold the craggy edge;

      One more push and I am dead! 
    Brimming fears ooze out and coil round

   The whimpering muscular organ that

  Utters the syllables of Lethe-soaked intellect:

“O Mother Earth, for thy lap isn’t cozy

                                                                  For thy inequity-bitten progeny

                                                                             Be a Phoenix and make

                                                                                    THE    MIRACLE!  
                                                              Everlasting Light of my Diamond cut

                                                                     Jewel hidden in the Bosom,


                                                  Inundating the shades of inactivity,



                                                                   “O’ Silent Sinister Soulless Life  
                                                             Listen to thy lugubrious errant heart 
                                                                                  WAKE UP RISE! 
                                                                           As you open your eyes 
                                                               They cut you off like a cord of kite 
                                                                                     Pity thyself 
                                                                  As for thy sake no one will fight! 
                                                                Swamp the Sorrow’s Field like Flood 
                                                          Snap every scepter of authority like locust 
                                                                    And Ground the Flag of Freedom 
                                                                           In the heart of the Earth.

                                                                             Be a Phoenix and make

                                                                                  YOUR   MIRACLE!