The Muse

(An International Journal of Poetry)

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Volume-3                                                      DECEMBER -2013                                           Number-2



A Review of Rev. Choi Jin- Yearn’s ‘Autumn Prayer’

by Dr. Pradeep Chaswal



Autumn Prayer

The Good Works

Seoul, Korea

ISBN: 978-89-97209-15-6

Pages: 130

Price:  $ 10



Rev. Choi Jin- Yearn is a South Korean poet. ‘Autumn Prayer’ is a collection of his poems translated in to English from his native tongue Korean by Won Eung-Soon (Emeritus Professor of Kyng Hee Univ.)  and edited by Poet Choi Yearn-Hong (retired college Professor in Virginia). 

‘Autumn Prayer’ consists of the four parts. The first part contains lyrical poems; poetry in the second part is based on the author’s Christian belief, the third part relates to the social and historical consciousness; and the fourth part is based on the critical views of Mun Dok-Su, Yoo Seung-Woo and Shim Sang-Woon on his poems. 


Rev. Choi Jin- Yearn beautifully portrays the scenes of nature. He observers the minute details:


                   The Han River has faded into the sunlight,

                    The birds’ footprints for their flight

                                                         (p.16; The Han River At Sunset)


The use of personification is praiseworthy:

                      The green tree’s ears, standing as dreaming

                       In haze with its coat off, 

                                                            (p.17; Looking at A Magnolia)

The beauty of the writing is that the poet becomes the ‘subject’ and the ‘subject’ becomes the poet:

While I am looking at the flowers,

I slip into them, (p.20; Sleeping in the Flowers)


Poems like ‘A Great Outcry’, ‘The Laughing Flowers’, ‘The Rainbow and The Boy’ and ‘View of Mountain Picture’ celebrate the vivid pictures of nature. New way to present simple things and incidents makes the book very special:


When I meet a man

in a flowery mountain,

he becomes a beautiful flower, (In the Mountain; p.41)


The poetry in this collection exhibits a struggle between despair and hope. The questions of life and death and the human existence are taken up with dexterity.


Rev. Choi Jin- Yearn poems presents a beautiful landscape of different and diverse emotions. They uplift him to a universal citizen. Each poem is brimming with life. Read the book and enjoy the creativity of a noble soul.