The Muse

(An International Journal of Poetry)

ISSN 2249 2178


Volume-3                                                      DECEMBER -2013                                           Number-2



County Home, Michigan

By Meri Goehring


Sadness and boredom prevail.


Television reverberates, odors nauseate.


Profoundly disabled, their perspectives humble.


Calmed by the sunset through the trees,


I sense the frigid lake in the sky


And wonder how to live.







Free Clinic

 by  Meri Goehring


Mentally ill or homeless

Not asking for pity, but pills.

My treatment? Pointless.

Yet, the schizophrenic smiled.


Two former prisoners.

Disability keeps them alive

but barely coping.

Their fate includes pain.


Copies of simple exercises,

given as tokens of hope

prove my inadequacy

which goes unnoticed.