The Muse

(An International Journal of Poetry)

ISSN 2249 2178


Volume-3                                                      DECEMBER -2013                                           Number-2


Envy of the gods 

by Linda M. Crate

remember dreaming?

open your eyes 

i'm still here

as promised

i told you i wasn't just a dream

fashioned from the impossible though it

still seems improbable that we'd

fall together so easily;

two stars meant to shine together

unashamed of our light,

we look good together a fashionable coupling

of common sense and logic paired with

poesy and emotions

our stems always cut at the most appropriate length

in a way fitting to the ever changing demands of an unforgiving

world we always slip together hand-in-hand

tongue in tongue the best soliloquy

delicate dancers outstripping the petals of the moon

silver and remote

we are one, though, zeus parted our bodies out of jealousy

out of spite for he knew that our love was greater than any he could

fashion with hera; his restless lust rolling like clouds

he could not grasp anything deep as our love

not even poseidon's oceans can copy our depths and so the

envious gods have parted us once more,

but we will find our way to one another

we always have and always will.


I'd turn you to stone 

by Linda M. Crate


 leopards don't change their spots

and you remain the same as always

beautiful and fashionable yet cold as winter

as you let silences with the weight of lonely

country roads crush me into oblivion's wing;

i'd flowered you such a beautiful spring

that i felt betrayed when you blew your frigid tears

blowing my plants over to their death; i tried so

hard to bloom you a song worth nurturing

so the fact you so lightly destroyed my petals sending

their frail arms all the way to the cold and bitter moon

mercurial as an ocean wave made me angry

beauty means nothing if you are as cruel as a gorgon,

and i wish i had medusa's eyes i would reduce you to stone

make you a beautiful statue for all the world to gaze

upon and then maybe your words would match your form

yet that happy power i don't possess, so i can only use 

poisoned words of truth to shatter your ice freeing

wings of angels from the lakes you've rescinded their grace to.