The Muse

(An International Journal of Poetry)

ISSN 2249 –2178


Volume-3                                                      DECEMBER -2013                                           Number-2


Dining Out

 by Kori Moore

Lying dormant is the need to feel important locked away inside every human being

Scorned and scarred, withered and worn are the feelings of those on the street

The courage to stand has been denied again to the beggar who just needs a hand

Prejudices and hate, empower and impregnate an already fallen land

Digging through dumpsters we’re all left to wonder about the future hope of man

When we see them pulling trash out we wonder out loud how this can be happening in the world today

When poverty is so much, we go out to lunch and enjoy our food anyway

We seek to bless our bodies by gorging our bellies and actually think God hears us when we “pray”


What The World Needs

 by Kori Moore


Poverty can be many things but those who suffer the most

Are not the ones without a home, any food or even clothes

Those who are denied the touch of another human soul

Are the ones who truly suffer the greatest because they are alone

Those who are rejected, abused and cast out by society

Those who cannot see beyond their troubling hour of need

Those who live in the constant fear of neglect and abandonment

Those are the ones Jesus loved and spoke of when he said

“Love your neighbor as yourself” for this is the golden rule

Die to yourself by helping someone else for this is the only true

Kind of love that can change the world and the only true love that exists

All other love is vain and self-seeking – hard to believe but it really is

We have to live outside of ourselves by denying the person of “me”

This is love in its purest form and the only kind of love the world needs