The Muse

(An International Journal of Poetry)

ISSN 2249 –2178


Volume-3                                                      DECEMBER -2013                                           Number-2


Still the Sun Doth Shine Upon Us All

by J.B. Pravda


Though adjudged slow, quick, sullied, storied, done-in,

uplifted, weak, yea, all other fleshly states worn upon

mortality’s frame


She, Universe, showers Life’s great material aureole glowingly

on high, vaunted, mendicant, low, All;


And, yet, in our cloistered mind’s eye, foggy with conceits

unnumber-ed do We strive to bask alone in Her embrace, Sun

alone upon our favored face


Already blind, blinded seek we All to Be, but for the thought ‘

She shines, alone, for Me!’;


And, still, the Sun doth shine upon us All.


And, in Her Child’s life-giving waves of radiance, still She calls

 unto cosmic dance, Those who, will still but wonder, with Her



Falling on frail covering, ever-loving, hovering…….perhaps,

 indeed, She also shines for thee…AND Me.





Hunya's Porch

by J.B. Pravda


It was there that my soul leapt at the intended blending of the breeze with hum and chatter of the insect and the bird

and, the faint laughter of some human voice enthroned on or near that jutting luminal space,

refuge from the storms of living;

in harmonious competition of ancient marriage unspoken with its concave covering, urban paths progressed,

lined with tunneling canopy of corresponding branched towers whose leaves were as dappled light in a bathing prism,

 their rainless rainbow with the full complement of hues;

'twas there---'Hunya'---after the sound often heard to issue from her uppermost reaches

when the wind made its hearty embrace felt upon her hair-like branches;

time's tallied Her trunk's demise, mirror to mine, now shrunken, singular in its abiding,

sans but few poorly bark-ed limbs betraying her morphic furl from life’s joining song;

i lay a once-familiar hand upon the place was carv-ed by my tremulous member Her name,

joyful tropism of days past falls upon my ear!……

 I ‘awaken’ to this symbol of vertical youth,new full and strong,

in company of Her fellows,

at play in winsome waves of turbulent air, whispering a native tribe’s tongue: “Welcome to Hunya…..our name for Heaven….”