The Muse

(An International Journal of Poetry)

ISSN 2249 –2178


Volume-3                                                      DECEMBER -2013                                           Number-2


It Was All New Then, the Great Dance

by Doris Teresa Wight


It was all new then, and I was new too,

Fairy wings barely open, skin wet with birth dew,


Eyes shining bewildered, ears full of strange sound

That beckoned me forward, heart-beats apound,


My arms reaching up towards that source of all, Mother,

Hers bending to lift me, to hold me, to smother


My teardrop-damp cheeks with her kisses of love,

Soothing all fears, reaching down from above,


Extending her fingers to coax me to step,

Dance out into space on weak legs. “Come, my pet,


Come honey, that’s right, that’s my little girl — come!

Oh, what a good girl! You did it!” What fun!


Into life’s space those young dancing legs stumbled,

Proud, oh so proud, nevermore to be humbled!


Out into space of the room —house — town— Earth

That’s cradled me lovingly ever since birth,


And now, in my seventies, still whispers, “Child,

To be born, live, and someday return to the wild


Heart of the secret is lovely! Be glad,

Endure those occasional sufferings, the sad


Loss of this loved one—that one — your own powers—

Cease mourning what’s gone: summer’s flower-filled hours;


Spring rain spilling down on your young, upturned face;

Pure snowflakes your pink tongue touched out for a taste…


Recall wondrous times that you shared with your kids;

The love of your good mate; close friendships; the bids


That you made fate, aspiring to fortune and fame,

Though you knew all along that the end of the game


Meant the loss of it all, leaving this truth to know:

When the great dance is finished, you curtsey and go.”



               TEARS’ LULLABY

                       by Doris Teresa Wight


            You lie there dying darling,

and I sit here close by —

a contest of endurance this,

both waiting while you die —

the end will come soon now my love,

soon now — it won’t be long —

for now tears sing my lullaby,

my farewell cradle song.…