The Muse

(An International Journal of Poetry)

ISSN 2249 –2178


Volume-3                                                      June -2013                                              Number-1


Book review of Rose Lucas’ EVEN IN THE DARK


                                                         By Pradeep Chaswal




Rose Lucas

UWA Publishing

Crawley, Western Australia 6009

ISBN 978-1-74258-532-1




EVEN IN THE DARK is a collection of poems by Rose Lucas, a poet, critic and freelance academic from Melbourne, Australia. The book carries 59 poems. These poems exhibit poet’s love for nature. Her minute observations of life and existence are noteworthy. Language is simple but at the same time powerful. She selects the words deliberately to give word pictures of incidents. The language used makes the poems alive:


“The creamy hum

of bees

swims through

the field’s indigo haze;” (Lavender; p.6)


The extraordinary attention to realism and sounds makes the poems unique:


“Swelter: the

chk chk chk

 of bore water sprinklers” (Country Swimming Pool; p.8)



The poet is successful in presenting a graphic picture of country life. The artistic touch of Rose’s pen lends a spirit of awe and wonder to ordinary routine in nature:


“Heading south

fruit bats slip like swimmers

through fading light-“ (Leavings; p.12)


The poems present a beautiful picture of intrapersonal conflicts in the mind of poet:



is a place

in mind

where the road curves

high and hilly beside occasional houses, thickets and then

grassy expense;” (There; p.36)


Poems like ‘American Garden’, ‘Shaker Village’, ‘Forms of the Earth’, and ‘Temporary’ have both surface and hidden meanings. ‘First Snow, Vermont’, ‘Days of Awe’, ‘Walking in Hunting Season’, ‘Post and Beam’ highlight different aspects of nature. Poems reflecting past incidents, memories and happenings grip the attention. Rose is not only a poet and artist but a careful observer who presents the lofty ideas in symbolic and metaphoric way. EVEN IN THE DARK is a delightful experience and gives solace to modern minds tortured by Mammon worshiping cult.